We shape our buildings,
thereafter they shape us.

— Sir Winston Churchill

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  • Infographic

    New Infographics Reinforce the Need for Livable Design

    The Research and Training Center on Community Living at the University of Kansas recently produced some new infographics illustrating the current housing conditions and how they impact people with mobility challenges.  This comprehensive look gives quick visual data on just how many Americans are living in homes that do not meet their basic needs.  What [...]

  • Home Sweet Healthy Home

    There’s no question that incorporating Livable Design features into your home can make your life easier, safer and more flexible. But what if you could add features to your home that would actually help you and your family stay healthy? Improving the quality of the air inside of your home is a good start. Air [...]

Home Builder?

  • Broadens the market of potential buyers
  • Provides a unique sales and marketing advantage
  • Third party approval gives buyers confidence in your product
  • Thoughtful design elements create a livable product with the consumer in mind
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Home Buyer?

  • Features that appeal to a wider range of buyers for added resale potential
  • A home that can change with your lifestyle without the need for expensive remodels
  • Functional home design elements that make everyday living easier
  • A home that welcomes everyone regardless of age or ability
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