We shape our buildings,
thereafter they shape us.

— Sir Winston Churchill

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    Lighting for Livability

    It’s no secret that the right lighting (or the lack of it) can make a huge difference in the livability of your home.  Here are some easy ways to improve your home’s lighting to make it more functional, attractive, and welcoming to everyone. Get outside at least 15 minutes every day!  We absorb Vitamin D through skin [...]

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    Guest Post: Low-Maintenance Landscape Design to Complement Your Home

    The hectic modern lifestyle leaves little time for the mowing, pulling weeds, pruning, and fertilization that a traditional garden requires. If you long for an outdoor retreat, but lack free time for gardening, low-maintenance landscapes design could be the solution. Choose the Correct Plants. Landscape contractors will concur—the most important part of landscape design is [...]

Home Builder?

  • Broadens the market of potential buyers
  • Provides a unique sales and marketing advantage
  • Third party approval gives buyers confidence in your product
  • Thoughtful design elements create a livable product with the consumer in mind
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Home Buyer?

  • Features that appeal to a wider range of buyers for added resale potential
  • A home that can change with your lifestyle without the need for expensive remodels
  • Functional home design elements that make everyday living easier
  • A home that welcomes everyone regardless of age or ability
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